View Full Version : Importance of dates and patronymics...

June Pelo
13-03-15, 19:58
Someone sent me a family tree going back to the 1600s and asked if I could verify that it is correct. I've been wrestling with it for days... he has no dates or patronymics... just first and last names. It is a tangled rat's nest and I'm ready to chuck it back to him, but I never give up.. so the only way to work my way out of it is to start with the present time and work back, finding the parents of each person in the tree and making a note of dates and patronymics (for his benefit). He has names from the Kankkonen, Borg, Strang, Warg families... and the favorite names in those families were Mickel, Olof, Grels, Karin, Anders, Matts, Brita and Anna but with no dates or patronymics it's time consuming finding which family they belong to... He's trying to prove that he, I and 2 other people are all descended from Nils Olofsson Kankkonen. I'm finding we're all related to the Kankkonen family, but not all from Nils.. so I'll have to burst his bubble. :(