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23-03-15, 14:26
I told out late last year that I had an ancestor named Hans Matinpoika Karvonen, Leskelä, born 1580, died after 1627 in Muhos. I was surprised to find this out, because, in a book published by Matti Nieminen titled : Leskelä -Lescelius - Lescell - Lesell - sukus v.v. 1500 - 2002 , the Karvonen name is not listed. He has that a Hans Andersinpoika Tysk, Leskelä was born 1561 in Liminka, and, died in Muhos. His father was supposedly Anders Tysk, Kaarle IX: n räätäli, born 1530 in Vaasa. His wife was Margaretha Östenintytär Sursill. I was sent a chart listing some of their descendants which are listed in the book I mentioned. I'm just wondering about the Karvonen name, I realize that way back then things were done differently, for instance, it's listed that the Hans I mentioned earlier, lived in the Leskelä house. Also, in the military rolls he is Hans Karvonen, year 1627. I'm just hoping that someone "out there" can clear up the question I have about Karvonen, etc. Thank you!

June Pelo
24-03-15, 13:02

According to my records, Margaretha Östensdotter Sursill and her husband Anders Tysk did have a son Hans Andersson Tysk- Leskelä, b. 1561. He married a woman named Cecilia. I don't find the name Karvonen associated with Hans.. but if he was a soldier, he was given a soldier name, which probably was Karvonen. Some soldiers retained their soldier name after retirement, and some soldiers assumed their patronymic name. Sweden and Finland used the same naming system.. you can read about it here: http://www.algonet.se/~hogman/soldiers_research.htm Perhaps someone else can explain further.

24-03-15, 15:07
June, Like I mentioned I have that information in my book of ancestors published by Matti Nieminen, but, you're probably right about the Karvonen name being a soldier name. I have a copy of a long statement by Raimo Ranta from the Suku Forum from a few years back, and, he seems to dispute some of the information pertaining to Anders Tysk being the father of Hans because of a discrepancy of the dates listed. I really don't really care too much about that now, my question was about the Karvonen name. I remember that you informed me about the military names when I was questioning some other name. Thank you for your response, and, have a good day!