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June Pelo
30-03-15, 21:22
I have a query from a woman who is asking if her grandmother had siblings. Her grandmother was Augusta Emilia Gustavsdotter Rundell, b. 11 Oct 1864, Nykarleby, to Gustav Andersson Östensögård -Rundell, b. 5 Jan 1818, Pedersöre, married 1862 to Maja Lisa Jonasdotter Sisbacka, b. 1 Nov 1824, Purmo. Augusta married Johan Emil Kulberg from Himango, and they lived in Vasa. But we'd like to know about other children, if any, born to Augusta's parents.

31-03-15, 13:19
Hello June,

the family of Augusta Emilia Rundell can be found here: http://digi.narc.fi/digi/view.ka?kuid=16595049. It looks like Gustaf Andersson was married twice, and there is a lot of siblings! Most probably the lady you refer to has a lots of relatives she does not know about.

The name Rundell points to the Rundt farm in Kovjoki, so by using HisKi I found Gustaf in that village, though at another farm. He and his family had then moved from one place to another several times, but luckily enough they had not disappeared all together.

I have done some research on the Ku(h)lberg family from Himango - they are not related to me as far as I know - and it is nice to find some new additional information!

Göran Kuhlberg

June Pelo
31-03-15, 20:31
Thank you Göran.. yes, she'll be happy to know that her grandmother did have other siblings.. that may help her identify some photos.