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Scott Andrews
02-04-15, 23:10
Hi Everyone,

I am trying to confirm the birth date fr the following individual. I am getting conflicting information which could potentially affect who the parents of this individual is.
Person in question is Andrew William Lappalainen (changed last name to Este when he arrived in Canada) he was born in Finland. Some sites are showing him as having a birthdate of Nov 26 1875, while other sites are showing Jan 26 1875. I am concerned that there may be confusion between two individuals who have the same name. Just trying to get the correct source so I can be sure that I have the correct parents.

Any info greatly appreciated,

03-04-15, 03:57
If his parents were Jonas Lappalainen and Kaisa Stina Nupponen, he was born 26.1.1875


03-04-15, 04:29
In the event he is the right Anders Wilhelm Lappalainen, here are his parents...

Scott Andrews
03-04-15, 17:46
Thank-you so much for the info. I have also just sent away for his death certificate, hoping that it may have his birthdate on it. I just want to be sure before I continue on researching further ancestors.

Thank-you again,

Jaska Sarell
03-04-15, 19:22
Both dates appear for the same person. Birth record above gives January, but in later books date is (incorrectly) given as 26/11 75, like in children's book 1891-1900 (http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/kirjat/Kirkonkirjat/joensuu/lastenkirja_1891-1900_mko48-51/kuvat/55.jpg) and later in communion book (http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/kirjat/Kirkonkirjat/joensuu/rippikirja_1891-1900_mko40-47/kuvat/171.jpg). The latter tells that he moved to Helsinki in 1899.

:) Jaska

Scott Andrews
03-04-15, 20:36
Thank-you so much for the info. So if I am reading this correctly then even though there are books that have different birth dates the parents names given are always the same?

Again Thank-you,
Very much appreciated,

Jaska Sarell
03-04-15, 21:52
That's right. Copying errors did happen now and then when names were transfered to the next book volume. Nobody checked them from birth records later.
First children's book 1871-1880 (http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/kirjat/Kirkonkirjat/joensuu/lastenkirja_1871-1880_mko23-25/kuvat/58.jpg) has the correct date 26/1 1875.

:) Jaska

Jaska Sarell
03-04-15, 22:34
Parents had moved from Liperi with two children to Joensuu on 28 Nov 1861 (http://digi.narc.fi/digi/view.ka?kuid=6530024).
Jonas Johansson Lappalainen b. 6 Aug 1832 (http://digi.narc.fi/digi/view.ka?kuid=6594464) (christened 6 Sep), farmer's son at Mattisenlahti village, house #12
Kaisa Stina Nupponen has only year 1834 in Joensuu books, but birth 28 Feb 1834 (http://digi.narc.fi/digi/view.ka?kuid=6594479) (chr. 30 March) in Liperi, Taipale village likely fits.

:) Jaska

Scott Andrews
03-04-15, 23:04
Wow, Thank-you sooo much for finding this information. I appreciate this so much!!

Scott :)

Scott Andrews
04-04-15, 02:13
Hi Jaska,

For the Birth Record for Jonas Johansson Lappalainen 6 Aug 1832 (http://digi.narc.fi/digi/view.ka?kuid=6594464) it has 2 other Lappalainen(Pahl Lappalain & ? Stina Lappalain) in the entry who would those people be?

Jaska Sarell
04-04-15, 10:01
The columns in these Liperi birth records (structure differs in different parishes and times) seem to be:
- birth date
- christening date
- child's name
- parents' name
- mother's age
- names of godparents (two or more)
- place name
- (baptising clergyman's initials)

BTW. You'll notice that surnames have earlier been written in a kind of shorthand form (Lappalain = Lappalainen, Hyttin = Hyttinen, Nuppoin = Nupponen, Rumukain = Rummukainen).

:) Jaska