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06-04-15, 20:26
I am trying to find out what happened to my relatives who moved to Finland in nov, 1789. I hope that soneone can help me find out what happened to this Family.

Gustaf Wilhelm Wetterstrand born 1845-06-19 Östmark, Värmland, Sweden
Wife Nikolava Catharina Michaelsdotter Strömqvist b. 1845-09-18 Edsele, Västernorrland, Sweden
Son Karl Johan Ludvig Wetterstrand b. 1871-09-23 Edsele, Västernorrland, Sweden
Son Gustaf Adolf Wetterstrand (Gustafsson) b. 1874-04-27 Tampere (Tammerfors) Finland
Son Gottfrid Nikolai Wetterstrand b. 1877-09-13 Tampere (Tammerfors) Finland
The Family moved to Finland nov. 1889. Two of the sons are born in Finland so the Family must have been in Finland earlier.


Ingemar Ekman
07-04-15, 08:52
Ref to http://digi.kansalliskirjasto.fi/sanomalehti/ Some examples whose "first name initials" match, including his obituary 1901

03.11. 1870: G. W. Wetterstrand

11.09.1880 G. W. Wetterstand Tammerfors

11.12 1886 G. W Wetterstrand Tammerfors

06.06. 1890 G.W. Weterstrand, Tammerfors, ansökan om att bli finsk undersåte

27.01 1893 G. W Wetterstand (Tampere)

27.07. 1901 Dödsruna över Gustaf Wilhelm Wetterstrand

06.10.1905 G.A Wetterstrand (Helsinki)

07-04-15, 18:50
Thank you very much, Ingemar! Now I hope someone knows something about the wife and the sons. I have done some DNA tests and the results indicate that in one way or the other some branch of this family has been in Canada. Probably the grandkids of G. W. Wetterstrand.


Ingemar Ekman
07-04-15, 19:32
Sven-Eric, I found the son born 1874 in the book "Vem och Vad" 1936 I hope you are able to read this image. I found that the brother Carl Johan Ludvig b 1871 was "Stadsläkare" in Helsingfors from 1912 ( Berghäll) Ref to the book "Finlands Statskalender" 1925. I have also performed DNA both at FTDNA and 23andMe. / Ingemar

Ingemar Ekman
07-04-15, 22:25
The brother Gottfrid Wetterstrand was married 22 Dec 1906 to Inez Wegelius, ref to the newspaper Åbo Underrättelser 23 Dec

Several family trees on "MyHeritage" stated Gottfrid´s birth year to 1877 in Tammerfors and married to Ines Wegelius born 1878. Gottfrid died 1928 and it seems that Ines was remarried and died in Helsingfors 1971. Carl Johan Ludvig b 1871 died 1954 in Finland ref to the trees.

12-04-15, 16:59
I have some more questions about rhe Wetterstands brothers
Gustaf Adolf Wetterstrand b 1874-04-27 Tampere Finland d. 1959-11-17 Finland Helsinki
Ester Johanna Fagerström b. 1874-08-12 Helsinki, Finland
Gustaf worked as a medical doctor in Helsinki X-ray specialist
How to find their kids and grandkids??
Next Family
Gottfrid Nikolai Wetterstrand b. 1877-09-13 Tampere, Finland d. 1928
Ines Margareta Wegelius b. 1878-05-29 Sotkamo Finland d.1971 Helsinki Finland may have remarried
Gottfrid was a businessman
How to find their kids and grandkids??
The third son in the Wetterstrand family was
Karl Johan Ludvig Wetterstrand b 1871-09-23 Edsele Sweden d 1954-01-29
He was a medical doctor in Helsinki, Finland
Wife?? Kids and grandkids??
I hope someone knows someting about this brothers or can give information how I can find about more about them.

Ingemar Ekman
13-04-15, 12:48
Obituaries / Death columns published in the Finnish newspapers are a good source. The National Library in Stockholm has microfilmed newspapers from Finland and at least "Hufvudstadsbladet " cover the years 1954, 1959. For 1928 without any exact death date the newspaper has normally a summary in beginning of next year about the deaths.
I hope to visit again the National Library later in April, if you do not get any reply I can check.

June Pelo
13-04-15, 14:20
I came across some Wetterstrand names at Find-a-Grave... Gottfrid is there:

June Pelo
13-04-15, 14:39
There's a Gustaf Adolf, b. 1874, mentioned in My Heritage.. I don't have access.

There are many Wetterstrand names in the Geni database:

Do you belong to Ancestry? Many Wetterstrand names there, too. Maybe a member can check for you. I don't have accesss.

Karen Norwillo
13-04-15, 16:13
From Find-a-Grave, Ines Wetterstrand's second husband was George Madvig who died in 1937. There is a 1954 Pan American Airways flight 8 Oct 1954 from Helsinki with an I Madvig and L.O. Wetterstrand and M Wetterstrand aboard, destination Stockholm. Ines and first husband Gottfrid are buried in Hietaniemi Cemetery, Helsinki. There are many Wetterstrand names on Ancestry in Saskatchewan, Canada and in Colorado on Ancestry.com.

Ingemar Ekman
18-04-15, 16:39
Please find the death columns published in the newspaper "Hufvudstadsbladet" 6 Feb 1928, 30 Jan 1954 and 20 Nov 1959. Also Carl Johan Ludvig´s son Herbert´s death column from the Swedish Newspaper "Svenska Dagbladet" 9 Aug 1986 (available for members at www.genealogi.net )
Please send me as Private message your email address and I will send you the 4 obituaries (2 with photos) and also Inez death column.

22-04-15, 19:54

I have an ancestor who according to the passenger list in the emigrant database has left Finland for a trip to some other country. Now I am wondering if someone who is a member of this site http://www.migrationinstitute.fi can help me find out when he went away and to which country? His name was Wetterstrand H.G. and he was born 1905 in Finland.