View Full Version : A new relative found me

June Pelo
16-04-15, 01:14
I had an interesting phone call from Kristen who was looking at some genealogy reports that I had sent to one of her deceased cousins many years ago. My name was on the report, but my e-mail address had changed since then. But she was able to track me down via google and called me, asking me to explain what an ahnentafel was, etc. We had an interesting discussion.. I found out that she and I are related, so I'll send her a new ahnentafel.. I also explained what patronymics are, and how to enter data into her program.. so she'll be busy for a while because I took her line back 13 generations. She said she plans to go to Sweden and Finland this year to meet her new relatives and is excited about finding me... and I'm happy to acquire a new relative.