View Full Version : Johannes Andersson Holgers, 1874-1932

June Pelo
21-04-15, 16:06
Recently I received a letter from Fredrik who works with the Swedish TV show named "Allt för Sverige". He said they are having a participant in the upcoming season who is related to this Holgers family. He is looking for more information about the family that left Finland and came to USA, as well as one generation back in Finland. He's looking for photographs, old letters, documents, etc. that can be used to tell this story. He's also looking for something from Kronoby that can be related to Swedish/Finnish history. In addition, he's looking for living descendants of the family in Finland. Does anyone have any information?

Karen has managed to find a lot of information about the families of two of Johannes' children who came to the US: Johan William and Agnes, who settled in California. Karen also found possible addresses of a couple grandchildren. However, we haven't found any living relatives in Finland, yet. Hasse Andbacka sent me some interesting background about Johannes' ancestor Lars Nilsson Holgers, as well as information about his descendants. I've forwarded everything to Fredrik, and hope that readers can offer some suggestions.