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June Pelo
30-04-15, 03:43
FAR May 2015 has a query.. if you can help, please reply directly to Jenni Seibel:

Her grandfather was Arne Laine and her great grandparents were Mike (Mikko Anselmi) Laine and his ex-wife Fanny Amanda (Maki) Laine. Mike died in Hibbing, MN, 1989. Mike and Fanny divorced ca 1930 and he remarried Aili Wentela. Fanny and Mike had a son Arne Anselm Laine, b. 1915 who lived in Hibbing and Duluth areas. He moved to California. Arne Laine returned to the Toivola area prior to his death in 1971. This is background to her search for Fanny. The 1940 census showed her living in Toivola. There is also a record of her in Duluth ca 1940-41. Since then there has been no record of Fanny. She was born 5 Jul 1895; she had family in Alavus. Jenni would appreciate any info. about Fanny.

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