View Full Version : Don't forget me!

June Pelo
10-03-04, 00:16
I haven't been online for quite a while. There are two reasons why:
1. My computer is in the shop for repairs.

2. My sister underwent quadruple bypass surgery and her aorta shattered during the surgery so I have been almost living in the hospital.

I am using a borrowed computer for e-mail, and will try to read some of the Finlander mail when I can. I know I owe some mail and data to several people and will take care of it soon, hopefully.


10-03-04, 04:25
Hello June

I was wondering where you had gotten to!

Best wishes to your sister for a speedy recovery.

Karen Norwillo
10-03-04, 16:21
June, I, too, send best wishes and prayers for your sister's recovery. We missed you. Karen

10-03-04, 21:30
Oh June, whenever you are not around for a few days, I miss your input. Know that my prayers are with you for your sister. I know I speak for so many including Hasse at the Swedish Finnish Historical Society this last Saturday, that EVERYONE appreciates your willingness to share with us all whenever we even hint of a question or topic. Thanks so much and best wishes to you.