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Borje Sandberg
10-03-04, 09:54
Grateful for additional info on person and family below:

Julia Emelia John’sdaughter Isaacson (Hendrickson), born 30.08.1903 in Felch, Mich, died 07.02.1999 in Kingsford, Mich. Married 24.12.1927 in Crystal Falls, Mich to Arvid Salomon Hendrickson, died in 1977.

Julia lived in Felch in her youth, where she worked in the family logging business. After her wedding she resided in Crystal Falls, Mich. In 1955, she moved to the Iron Mountain area. She was a nurse aide at the Iron County Medical Care facility, the Crystal Manor in Crystal Falls and the Sigg Convalescent Home in Iron Mountain.. She also helped the Red Cross during WW II. She enjoyed singing and playing the piano.

Children, born in Milwaukee, Wis:

G266 Robert born ?
G268 Lois 20.04.1930, died 02.11.2000 in Menomonee Falls, Wis. Married to Donald Simons.
G267 Richard born ?

10-03-04, 15:38
Hi Borje and welcome to the Finlander Forum!

Attached is the image of the family in the 1930 census. They were living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Robert's age is 1y 9m and the census was taken in April 1930. Robert was born in Michigan.

Karen Norwillo
10-03-04, 19:40
Borje, My aunt Myrtle was an Isaacson, born in Crystal Falls, MI. She was the daughter of Arthur Arwood Isaacson, born Finland, approx. 1887, who according to the 1930 census, came to the US in 1907. Arthur was married to Ellen Lindquist. They are both buried in the cemetery in Crystal Falls. I wonder if there is a connection between the two families? Perhaps your Julia might be a niece to Arthur. Coincidentally, my uncle Walter Sulasalmi, Myrtle's husband, died in Crystal Manor, where Julia worked. Karen

12-03-04, 00:55
Welcome Borje,
#211 [Swenson id #] Zion Lutheran in Metropolitan Michigan, next door to Felch I found:
Robert Arvid Henrickson was born June 24, 1928 at Mansfield. He is the son of Julie E. Isaacson, [d. of Johannes Isakson] and Robert Arvid S. Henrickson. Sponsors were Johannes Isakson and his wife, Anna Helene Siilund.
Lois Julianne Hendrikson was born April 20, 1930 with sponsors Fred. H. Magry and wife Hilda O. Isakson. Listed to the baptism on the line above were Johannes Isakson and his wife, Anna Helene Siilund who were to the baptism of Fred and Hilda's child. A nice page for you!
If you send me your address - find my email address for member granskare, I will mail the fotocopies to you. I will also put in a copy of the "I" indes page. Many Isakson people there. There is an Emil Isakson there, born 12-23-1883 at Jeppo whose wife came from Nykarleby. I mention that becaue I knew one of those daughters. :)
Karen: I have made some copies for you and will mail them also - I have your address.

13-03-04, 09:31
Hi Borje and Karen,

I searched the Heritage Quest Scandinavians in the 1910 US Federal Census for Is*cs*. Unfortunately I hadn't read Chucks last reply.

Results for Finnish born in Iron County, MI were
Issacson Andrew 22 2-WD Crystal Falls 652 1 131 B
Isaacson Felix 27 3-WD Crystal Falls 652 1 151 A
Issacs John 20 2-WD Crystal Falls 652 1 145 B

Isaacson August 28 Hermatite Twp 652 1 24 B
Isaacson Isaac 19 Hermatite Twp 652 1 25 B
Isaacson John 42 Hermatite Twp 652 1 25 B
Isaacson John 23 Hermatite Twp 652 1 25 B

John aged 42 Julia's father and brothers?
No Arthur found could he be August?


Karen Norwillo
15-03-04, 22:12
Chuck, The copies came today. Thank you so much. Now I know there was an older sister to my aunt that I wasn't aware of. Also, that Myrtle was her middle name. Is that Merle given as her first name? That's what it looks like. Unusual. Karen

15-03-04, 23:47
Hej Karen,
Hmm, looks like I've made some more work for you - the entire pedigree shall have to be reworked - another 3 centuries of rellies will have to be moved over :)
It looks like Merle to me as well. Sometimes one parent prefers a middle name and it becomes the one used most often by the family and so it sticks that way.