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10-03-04, 17:26
Being Finnish-American and a dog lover, I know I'm not alone in being particular about the type of dog I'd like to own. In researching breeds, I have found the Finnish Hound to be the most popular breed in Finland. Additionally, they are even tempered, great for families, loads of endurance for running and hiking, and honestly, an attractive looking dog. But not being an American Kennel Club recognized breed, here in the U.S., interest is much less than in Finland. So much so that I have not been able to find a single owner or breeder here in the States. Having been able to make contact with a breeder in Finland, it does appear I can import a puppy later this year.

My question is to find out if I am really going where no one has gone before? Are there no other Finnish Hound (Suomenajokoira) owners among us that love to surround ourselves in Finnish-American culture?

Thanks in advance for insights anyone would care to share,

17-03-04, 18:16
Hello jrjo:

At first I thought you meant Finnish Spitz, so I had to do a search on google to find out what a Finnish Hound is.

I have not heard of this breed before you posted it here. I'm sure if I have seen one I have assumed it to be an English hunting dog.

I'll try to attach a picture I've found here so others might be able to understand my confusion.

I, too, would be interested to know if anyone in North America is raising them.

Paivi T
03-04-04, 20:38

For info on the Finnish dog breeds, and on dogs in Finland in general, check out the website of the Finnish Kennel Club at



Päivi T