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June Pelo
23-05-15, 01:23
If a person isn't able to go to the church and search the records for information, and asked a friend to do it for them, why would the church forbid access to the records? The person being researched was born in 1892. Would the 100-year rule apply? What exactly does it cover?

Ed Koski
01-07-15, 03:46

I had a brother in Finland who was a friend; related via his sister here in Toronto, Ont. Canada who took my list of Grandfather's Siblings from Nurmo to the Registry Church Office to add to my "known" relatives for an update and more information of my Grandfather and his Siblings ..... i.e. 1870 ......

He left my list & a few weeks later I received almost all of Grandfathers Family Tree info ..... I was sent a "bill" for the results - which I paid in local currency via Post...... weeks later.
I continued to do follow up & upon my next visit to Nurmo; I showed them my results of my Research - THEY found some errors in their translations after seeing my Family Tree Program results.....

I paid my Bills in Finn Marks and had no problem with my initial request for an "outsider" to make my request for information thru them.

Those big, black, 10 year Books are awesome in what they contain re: our Families.. Researchers are lucky to find them intact & not lost to Fire & War....

I am in Finland for almost 7 weeks this time and will be attending my Grandmother's Family - Reunion in Jalasjärvi, where she was born & we normally see thousands in attendance at the Hällström Family Gathering from Australia, USA & Canada etc.... We are recorded back to the 1500's .....

Keep up YOUR great work on this Web Site ....

Your faithful Reader

June Pelo
01-07-15, 04:08
Hi Ed,

Thanks for your mail. I think we've solved our problem.. each parish seems to have their own set of rules. I've been invited to a big reunion in Nivala in August but won't be able to be there. However, a cousin plans to be in Finland in Aug. and she will fill in for me.. I know they'll treat her royally. It's her first trip to Finland and I'm trying to find people and places for her to visit.

Good luck with your family gathering.