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10-03-04, 21:26
I know that this is not genealogy, but in a funny roundabout way it does have something to do with this subject.
I am asking any kind Fin if he or she would like to exchange their house/flat with us for 2 weeks this year. We have done this before with a family in Scotland and it works wonderfully. We like to be on our own and take our time with meals etc. and find hotels etc. rather stifling.
We are an elderly couple in our 70s. We have been to Finland before but in 1st class hotels. Not for us a second time.
We could of course rent a cottage maybe. Any suggestions.
We live in the Netherlands and have a comfortable flat with all mod coms, including dishwasher etc.etc. We are only half an hour from Amsterdam (think of all the museums) and you can reach any part of the Netherlands in a day. Where does genealogy come in you say. Well my grandfather was born in the Pori province and I do have some distant relatives still living which would be nice to make contact with.
Sylvia van Oosten