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14-06-15, 02:48
I have a request for help from someone seeking info. about the ancestry of the following:
Oscar Frank/Frans Eklöf, b. 5 Aug 1881, Lintuvuori village, Finland. Possibly son of Carl and Clara. Oscar d. 1956 in Michigan. Married to Maria Sofi Kollioja/K...

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Karen Norwillo
14-06-15, 20:41
I found the Ecklof/Eckloff family in Quinnesec Cemetery in Dickinson county, MI. Maria S 1880-1952, Oscar Frank 1881-1952, Eino O May 11, 1905-Jan 7, 1982, Frank U Apr 30,1903-Apr 9, 1980, Helmi Eckloff Michaud Jan 1, 1911-Feb 6, 1989. Arvo A 24 Nov 1905 was not there, nor John Stephen. These match family names on various census. The 1901 arrival of Clara Ecklof on the Tunisian to Quebec with sons Frans 19 and Isak 14 and a daughter 16, can't read name. I found the marriage of Isaac Nestor Ecklof on Sep 15, 1906 at age 19 in Ishpeming. This gives his parents as Charles Ecklof and Clara Dahlberg. Based on Clara's age in 1901, I found a Clara born 12.8.1846 to Eric Dahlberg and Lisa Falander in Kisko, Finland. The family tombstones spell surname Eckloff. There was an Antti Kallio as a lodger with Oscar Frank and Mary in 1910. Maybe her brother?

14-06-15, 22:04
Carl Anders Eklöf moved into Lappfjärd from Bötom, on 20.11.1870

1880 Henkikirjat, Lappfjärd 2, Mattfolk, Lappfjärd (bottom of page): Albertina Eklöf, born 1827; 3 underage children, 2 males and 1 female (b 2-1); Måg (son-in-law) Herman, born 1842 and wife Lena, born 1846 (Helena Elisabeth, born 26.9.1846, Karijoki) with their 3 children, all boys (b 3-0); Torp. Karl Andersson Eklöf, born 1848, wife Klara, born 1847, their 3 children, all boys (b 3-0)

Institute of Migration shows Klara's patronymic as Mattsdr and her year of birth as 1847.

14-06-15, 23:43
To avoid duplication of effort...i'll post here what i posted earlier on Westside...

1917 Michigan Certificate of Death: Charles Andrew Eckloff, 227 Davis, Ishpeming; born 26.11.1848; died 6.1.1917; wife Clara; parents Andrew Eckloff and Albertina Salo

Carl Anders, born 25.11.1848, Karijoki; parents Anders Jakobsson Peltoniemi and Albertina, age 21

Ander Jakobsson Peltoniemi and Albertina Isaksdr Salo married 31.12.1845, Karijoki

Karijoki Communion Book, 1860-1866: Anders Jakobsson Eklöf, born 3.11.1817, Karijoki (http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski/673v12?en+0166+kastetut+146), died 14.3.1867, Karijoki (http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski/673fun?en+0166+haudatut+1879); wife Albertina Isaksdr, born 30.1.1827, Karijoki (http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski/673idn?en+0166+kastetut+509); children as shown, including Karl Anders, born 25.11.1848. Albertina Isaksdr moved to Lapfjärd in 1868...

June Pelo
15-06-15, 03:44
Thanks, Karen and Alan... you found more than we expected.. I know the family will be happy to get this.

Karen Norwillo
15-06-15, 13:12
My error on Maria Sofia's year of death. Should be 1965, not 1952. Eino O should be May 11, 1908 DOB. Shouldn't post when I'm tired.