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13-07-15, 15:05
I'm trying to find out everything I can about my grandparents - Emma Karolina Markkula and John Ranta. This is what I already know.

Emma immigrated from Sakyla Finland in 1914 and went to Michigan. Her parents were Kustaa Markkula and Lovisa Lukkala. She did have some siblings. She was born May 14,1881 and Died May 12, 1974.

She married John Ranta April 24,1915 in Ishpeming Michigan. His parents were Henry Ranta and Mary Rama (or Roma) all of Finland. They had one daughter - Helmi Helen Ranta, born February 4, 1916.

John died May 3, 1917 in Michigan.

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13-07-15, 19:58
Here is Emma Karolina with parents and siblings in Säkylä Communion Book, 1878-1887

13-07-15, 20:01
And again, 1888-1897

13-07-15, 20:15
Her 1881 Säkylä birth record...

But strange that the 1915 Michigan marriage record shows her age as 28...were the ages for Emma and John Ranta reversed on that record?

13-07-15, 20:32
The Michigan Certificate of Death for John Ranta shows him born about 1882 and identifies his parents as John Ranta and Marie Rämä...

Karen Norwillo
13-07-15, 20:35
Did John and Emma have only one child, Helmi Helen Ranta, born Feb 4, 1916, who married Burton Sundquist? I found another John and Emma Ranta in the 1920 census who had 2 children at that time, Marti 5 and Irine 1. There is also a divorce for a John and Emma Ranta.

Karen Norwillo
13-07-15, 21:14
I found the second marriage for Emma Markkula Ranta to Henry Jussila. For some reason I'm having trouble attaching the image. You may have this already.

13-07-15, 22:41
John and Emma had only Helmi, married to Burton who are my parents. This is all so exciting. John died when my mother was only 1 1/2years old so no one really talked about him. Thank you for helping me.

13-07-15, 22:42
About a year after John Ranta died, Emma married Henry Jussila who had 2 small children (lizzie and Alfred). They then moved to Hibbing MN.

Karen Norwillo
14-07-15, 02:22
Emma Ranta married Henry Jussila 13 Jan 1919 in Negaunee, MI. In 1920 census Helmi is listed as Jussila, but in 1930 she is Ranta. By then Emma was again a widow in Hibbing.
12 Apr 1862 in Säkylä, Finland Gustaf Mauritz Gustafsson married Mariana Lovisa Johansdotter from Nikkari farm.