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Borje Sandberg
11-03-04, 10:05
My cousin Manne Nygård posted the search below in the Norden Newspaper receiving very little response. Now he is wondering could this forum find any trace of the family and their whereabouts. Please contact me regarding any possible info.

To Norden Newspaper

Search for Relatives of Family Sandberg

As I am working on a genealogy book on my mother´s relatives, I would very much appreciate any information on her relatives. Many of them moved to the States on both sides of the year 1900. My mother was born Sandberg in Jeppo, Finland. If you think you have ancestors from the Sandberg family coming from Jeppo, Finland, please contact me. Especially I am interested in a family Nybyggar or possibly using Lassila as their family name who emigrated from Lassila in Jeppo. The parents got married in the States where they spent some years before returning to Finland. The father Johannes Jakobsson Nybyggar or Lassila died in 1913, but their mother Edla Eriksdaughter Nybyggar/Lassila born Dec 11, 1875 in Komossa village in Oravais came back to the States in 1923. They had eight children. The three oldest of them having been born in the States might have returned earlier than 1923. The children are: Edla Maria born March 22, 1899, Agnes Johanna born April 12, 1900, Jakob Anselm born May 31, 1901, Edit Sofia born May 17, 1903, Selma Elvira born March 8, 1906, Johannes Ragnar born December 8,1908, Emil Arvid born March 20, 1911 and Gunnar Richard born April 1,1913. My sincere hope is that persons reading this will be distant relatives of mine, or otherwise possess information that would help me in my research. Please contact Manne Nygard, Kyrkvagen 368, 66850 Jeppo, Finland.

12-03-04, 03:54
Jacob arrived from Liverpool on ship Cymric at New York on August 7, 1899. He was 22 years, 7 months of age.


12-03-04, 06:45
Unfortunately, I couldn't find him under Nybyggar or Lassila in Michigan in the 1900 or 1910 census.

12-03-04, 23:13
Hi Borje and Manne
I went back to Crystall Falls expecting to find Nybyggar people but nothing. No Lassila either and not in the Swedish church nor the Finnish church. These 2 churches merged early on - the pastors cooperated with each other extensively.

I found baptismal records for Agnes Johanna JACOBSON, and JAKOB ANSELM in the Swedish church in Crystall Falls where the parents were listed as non members. I noticed on Jakob's line that they lived in Amasa. On Agnes line, they lived in Shaffer. I knew of the church in Amasa so visited that place and found the membership record which I scanned and have posted here.

I now don't have any idea who the Jakob belongs to whose Ellis Island record I posted here. I had also found a woman named Maria Nybyggar going to Seattle - I found nothing there and a Johanes, no manifest image, so don't know where he was going.

Well, this Johan Jakobson IS our Johan Jakobsson Nybyggar - he just dropped the surname so here is the scan. I will put the originals into the post soon.

13-03-04, 01:48
After father and mother returned to Finland in 1901 with their 3 children, father died in Finland. Mother then married a Lassila man. When he died, son Jakob Anselm Jacobson, now in Iron River, MI, invited the family back to America to be wih him so they arrive at New York in 1923.
Now it's off to Iron River next week to search for some Lassila people and their descendants:)


13-03-04, 11:15
Hi Borje and Manne,

The following sites may be helpful in your search to find out more about the Nybyggare/Lassila family in Iron.
This site has a short history of Iron County.
MIGenWeb site for Iron County, Michigan
Iron County Michigan MI Genealogy & History Research Pages

and both have many searchable Databases containing Jacobson entries.
Iron River Certificate of Death Memorandum Cards
Taken from the Iron River City Clerk's Office
JACOBSON Edith Louise Marie 3/30/1930
JACOBSON Elda 12/29/1934 (spelt on records as Elda)

Iron County Gen Web Death Index "J"
Surname Giv/ Name Book Pg Year
Jacobson Anselm 2 154 1952

On the Iron River Cemetery page at Iron County MIGenWeb Dale Safford may be able to help you.

Best wishes,

17-03-04, 03:31
I looked for Lassila and also Anselm Jacobson at 1st Lutheran - Swenson S-26-1 but I did not locate anybody who fit the description so I was surprised by that. I wonder if they joined the lutheran church in Beechwood? It is just a few miles west of Iron River and if they lived out that way, it would be reasonable. Yes, I will check Beechwood tomorrow:)

3-18-04 It's tomorrow and Beechwood yielded nothing. I even rechecked Crystal Falls without anything new there so I believe nothing more can be gained at Swenson.