View Full Version : Is 'Gate' this a common name?

17-07-15, 23:30
One of my grandfather's middle names was Gate, Both his parents died when he was young so was unable to ask where is came from. I have traced his father side both can't find the name anywhere there. I have hit a brick wall at his mother, so I know nothing about her.

My grandfather passed many years ago but always wondered if it was a common name.

Has anyone run into that name or know where it may have come from?

June Pelo
18-07-15, 02:47
I have seen the name Agate for a woman, but never have seen the name Gate used in any name in Finland. There was an Emil Agates Favorin, b. 1811 in SjundeŚ. Maybe Gate was originally a name like Applegate, and then shortened to Gate.