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Trygve V
28-07-15, 10:54
Do you have any contacts or email to Leadville CO?

I am searching information about Karl (Carl, Charles) Lundstrom. He was born 20.8.1896 in Cedarville, Menominee, Michigan, USA. Parents Karl and Liza Lundstrom, both born i Vora Finland. Karl and Karl Werner went to Finland and returned to USA in 2 January 1916 by the sailingship SS Kristianafjord from Bergen, Norway. They arrived to destination Leadville, CO to a friend Johan Bertil. Karl Went back to Finland but Karl Werner stayed in USA. The last known information is that Karl Werner lived in 1925 in US.

Regards Trig

Karen Norwillo
30-07-15, 15:19
Try this website. Maybe you can find something or get someone to do a search for you. http://www.lakecountypubliclibrary.org/Genealogy2.html