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12-03-04, 23:17
Would there be anyone interested in searching my grandfather's elder brother, who emigrated to New York in 1909, and his descendants? There is a tragic story behind him emigrating. He was a sea captain, so one won't find him in any passengerlists. His name was Berndt Ragnar RAFAEL Brandt and he was born in Mörskom, Grevnäs the 10th of October 1884. He married a Norwegian Anna Olsen (perhaps before he left for America). They had a transporting firm (at the harbour, I suppose) in Brooklyn, New York called Brandt-Olsen. They had together three boys - Ralph, John and Henry. I have some additional information, but now I hope greatly, that someone is willing to help me!

13-03-04, 00:34
Hi Johan,

At the following site I found B R R Brandt
Jewish Genealogical Society, Inc,

Kings County (Brooklyn NY) Naturalization Index
First Name Berndt Ragnar Rafael
Dec Vol 197
Dec Page 65
Year 1919
Soundex B653

Records Located at:
County Clerk's Office
State Supreme Court,
Kings County (Brooklyn)
360 Adams Street, Room 0079
(cross streets: Johnson, Court & Joralemon Sts)
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Please Note!
Due to the increase demand for Naturalization records in the Kings County Clerk's Office, the wait is aprx. 4-6 months for mail requests. The cost of a Naturalization record ordered by mail is $10. See FAQs for further information on how to obtain copies.

I will check the Heritage Quest Scandinavians in the 1910 Census Index later today.


13-03-04, 01:05
Hello Jeanette!
Now, that I am searching for the descendants, I would be glad to know his sons birthdates, marriage dates and death dates (they are all dead). One of them I know, because he visited us some twenty years ago. He was the youngest of the three boys - HENRY William Brandt born 25.7.1921 (where?) and he died in Tarpon Springs, Florida 6.9.1986. His wife's firstname(s) was Doris E., born in Brooklyn N.Y. 3.7.1923 and died in Tarpon Springs, Florida 7.4.1988. The marriage date is also missing here.
They had three children (Robert, Deborah and Patricia (died in Ethiopia).)
Henrys two elder brothers were Ralph and John. Ralph was married to Agnes and John to Irja. I think, both Agnes and Irja (surnames I do not know) were from Finland.
Grateful for any information

13-03-04, 01:37
Hello again Johan,

As you have the death dates and places have you tried to obtain obituaries? They often can provide helpful information such as locations of other family members. There is a Genweb site in most states which usually have lookup help particularly for obituaries

Here is an offer at Genea Search

Scan down the page to shadowvip%40earthlink
they will search cemeteries in Tarpon Springs.


13-03-04, 02:07
Hello Jeanette!
Thank you again! I am very grateful for your tips!

13-03-04, 10:49
I tried posting E-mail to the contributors in Geneasearch in Florida, but the message was undeliverable.

13-03-04, 12:18
Hi Johan,

I searched the Heritage Quest 1910 Census Index cd unsuccessfully today because of my ignorance of the location of Grevnäs parish. No one aged 24/25/26 with surname of Berndt or Brandt had Given name beginning with B or R in Kings County, Brooklyn. Searching NY state may reveal some possibilities but I would need to know the location of Grevnäs to better search.

You mentioned Henry Brandt was born in 1921. The naturalization papers for his father were filed in Brooklyn, NY in 1919, Henry's SSN was issued in New York, and his wife also comes from the Brooklyn area so there is a good chance he was born in Brooklyn, New York. Perhaps if you can obtain a 1920 census lookup it will further help to confirm this, and a 1930 would seal it.
I'm sorry but I cannot help you with the census images.

Here is another site that may be helpful for the obituaries for Tarpon, FL.Tarpon is located in Pinellas County.
Try a Google search for Genealogy obituary lookups Pinellas County FL
Or Lookup volunteers FL then look for Pinellas county.

Best wishes,

13-03-04, 14:37
Hello Jeanette!
Quick reply to the location of Grevnäs. Rafael Brandt was born in Mörskom (swedish), Myrskylä (finnish) parish in Finland. The village and the manor in this parish was called Grevnäs. Rafael was the eldest son of the owner of the Manor Grevnäs.
I thank you for your help and for your new tips!

13-03-04, 21:12
Is it possible to track down a wedding. I know, that Henry's daughter Deborah married someone in Atlanta and they live there (in the 1980's).

13-03-04, 21:41
Hi Johan,

Thank you for the clarification for Grevnäs, in my search I was finding Brandt from all the Scandinavian countries.
I will search further on the 1910 cd but it will be midweek before I have another opportunity to do so.

In the 1980's people here in Australia people often placed an announcement in the paper in advance of or on the day of the wedding but due to many robberies that lost favour. Now some place a notice after the wedding but many don't. Unfortunately I don't know whether that was the same custom in America at that time.


14-03-04, 21:40
Thank you again Jeanette!
Newspapers were something I thought of also. How should I find out the names of local newspapers? Here comes a new aggravating problem: I don't know where the wedding took place.
Then there is the problem with Ralph and John. Ralph, the eldest, was some ten years older than Henry i.e. born ca. 1911. His birth took then place, I think, in New York.
Do the immigration acts also contain information about wife and children, or must I look for them separately?

15-03-04, 23:38
Hi Johan,

Perhaps it would be best to leave searching for the marriage until more information is known. Recent (last 40-60yrs) marriage details are protected under privacy laws in many places and information will only be supplied to the two parties involved. The vital records site should explain what the laws in NY state are regarding this.

The wife is covered by the husbands naturalization papers, however if they divorced she would lose her citizenship and have to seek naturalization unless she later remarried an American born person or another Naturalized person.

The following sites may be useful to you

New York State Department of Health Vital Records



16-03-04, 02:27
Hello Jeanette!
Thank you for answering! I think too, that now I must wait for the naturalization act papers. It'll take some time, I saw ...

18-03-04, 23:56
I looked at Bethlehem Lutheran, Salem Lutheran, and Immanuel Lutheran churches of Brooklyn and found nobody named Brandt. I searched membership, & baptismal records without success.
It is possible that they had baptisms done at a local Norwegian church beings as the mother was from Norway. I don't know where you would find such church records.


19-03-04, 13:53
Thank you! Really good of you to look. Now I just heard from my mother, that the son Ralph lived on Long Island, Woodhaven. Perhaps this would lead to his parish. His brother John lived in Pomfret Center in Connecticut (previously called Hampton, I think).
I am really grateful for any help!
Johan in Åbo/Turku (Finland)

20-03-04, 13:35
Hi Johan,

I have searched the 1910 Heritage Quest census index cd now by using the name of Brandt, Br*, Be*, Rag*, and Raf* also B*in Kings, NY all unsuccessfully. Is it possible another name may have been used?

You mentioned the first lookup site I listed at Geneasearch didn't work. Hopefully this one will
G E N E A L O G Y H E L P L I S T Florida
Lisa McKellar Abmckellar%40aol.com
Pinellas County , Florida
willing to search or visit any cemetery in Pinellas County

There is also a site called Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness Florida (most states have this too) with a lot of volunteers for Pinellas County lookups.

Johan you mentioned all of Berndts children had now died. Have you found all their death dates by searching
the Social Security Death Index? Then try for obituary lookups. You may find some of the missing details this way.

23-03-04, 20:07
N. Grosvendale CT, Emmanuel Lutheran,
Woodstock, CT, Covenant Church,
I checked membership lists for both churches and found no Brandt people.

The Brandt boys grew up speaking English so not much need for them to turn to a Swedish speaking church.
I looked up in Ct in the hopes that somebody got married up there but nothing like that was found.


24-04-04, 21:56
It's incredible, but I got my answer from New York in one week only! Now I know something more, but not all the things I was hoping for.
Rafael Brandt came the 20th of February 1909 to New York. He lived with his wife - called Anna and said to be from Norway in the document (Declaration of Intention dated 8.4.1919) - on the 49th Street Nr. 550 in Brooklyn, New York.
There was nothing more in the Declaration. Unfortunately data for the children was also completely missing.

Something else, that I took notice of, when I visited my mother and saw the letter we received from the widow of Henry (the youngest son of Rafael) after his death, was, that Henry was buried at a Cemetery of the Methodist Church (in Florida!).
I don't know, if it is of importance - perhaps!

Hopefully these infos lead me forward

06-12-04, 23:26
I would like to reactivate this discussion and my questions. I have not come in the meanwhile any further.
Yours Johan

19-12-04, 00:32
I have an 1870 announcement which appears to be about a transfer of land.

It is signed by Felix Brand and this is also at the bottom of the letter.

På tjänstens vägnar.
?skrevnad i Thusby
? d. 4 September 1870
af C. Aspegren

It would be interesting to find somebody on the forum who counts either of these ppl as relaties:)

I can scan this announcement if there is interest to see it.


25-03-05, 06:08
Hej Johan,
I came across a site which may be helpful to you - New York City Death Records Search 1891-1936
Rereading your previous posts I wasn't able to determine whether you knew Berndt or Annas death dates.
Could this be Berndt? If so perhaps his death certificate will help
to give you more information to work with.
Surname Giv/Name Age Mth Day Yr Certificate# County Soundex
Brandt Ralph 51 y Mar 3 1936 5522 Kings B653

Have you been able to locate the family in any of the census yet?
Were you able to track down some of the obituaries?
If you could find a lookup for Polk Directories you may be able to locate an address for Brandt-Olson transport company.


26-02-06, 23:47

My reply comes after so much time have gone...
Yes, I knew the death date of Ralph. I suppose my grandfather wanted to publish it in the newspapers in Finland. It it the date given by you. Sadly, I don't know anything about Anna born Olsen and her death date.
There was an article also about Ralph in the newspapers. They say, that he founded his tranportation firm in the year 1915 and directed it to his death.
Many greetings from Åbo

27-02-06, 07:12
On Ancestry.com I found:

1920 Census New York (Kings, Brooklyn) taken on January 17, 1920
Living on 49th Street
Brandt, Ralph Head ,Renter, Married 34? yrs. old, immig. 1905 Finland
Occupation: Mate on steamship
Brandt, Anna Wife 28 yrs. old Married immig. 1910 Norway
Brandt, Ralph Son 7 yrs old
Brandt, John Son 6 yrs. old

1930 Census New York (Kings, Brooklyn) taken on April 10, 1930
Living on 40th Street
Brandt, Ralph Head Own house $11,000. value 46 yrs. old Married at 28 years old immig. 1905 Owner of Rigging & Trucking Business
Brandt, Anna Wife 37 yrs. old, Married at 19 yrs. old, immig. 1911
Brandt, Ralph Son 17 yrs. old born in N.Y. File clerk for Railroad Co.
Brandt, John SDon 16 yrs. old born in N.Y.
Brandt, Henry 8 yrs. old born in N.Y.


25-04-06, 08:20
Hej Johan,
With the release of more records online I think I have found the marriage date for Bengt (Rafael/Ralph).

Surname Given |Month/Day/Year of Marriage|County|Certificate No. |Soundex
Brandt Bernt R | May /11 /1912 | Kings |4324 | B653

I wasn’t able to find the corresponding entry for Anna Olsen.
NYC Brides Record Index
Kings 1871 through 1910 and 1931 through 1937
Kings 1911 to 1930 Not available

Could this be your John?
Donated By James Platt
South Cemetery
Pomfret Center
Side refers to Old Section between Vault and Highway.
West Side refers to Section between Vault and the Stone Wall.
Southwest refers to Section beyond the Stone Wall
Brandt, John S/SE
From SSDI:
JOHN BRANDT |b.11 Aug 1913| d. Jan 1972| (not specified) |(none specified)| 100-09-6103| New York
The Hartford Courant Newspaper has a searchable archives

I have located some addresses in Pomfret Center for Brandt. Please check your Private Messages.


Elaine Goren
25-04-06, 19:53
I've just read through this entire thread and I think you should try searching in Queens County, NYC, zip code 11421. There is a large section of Queens called Woodhaven which is next to Brooklyn. Brooklyn and Queens are part of Long Island and some people in Queens used to give Long Island as their address. NYC had a kind of zip code long before the rest of the country and as long as you had the correct code number your mail was delivered. I used to live in Queens a long time ago.
Regards, Elaine

28-04-06, 00:52
Denise, Jeanette and Elaine!

What incredibly marvellous news!!!
I am so glad, you can't imagine. Thank you!

I knew from my mother, that Ralph - the son - was working at a Railway company.
Now - very sadly for me - I can't any more share this information with my dearest mother - she being born a Brandt. She past away. MAMAN!!!

Again, Thank you!

28-04-06, 13:07
I didn't mention some things in my last reply (I was so excited!)

John you found Jeanette is most certainly my John. My mother said he died early in the '70. He was perhaps also the one who was in 1941 in Pearl Harbor.
I think I haven't mentioned the names of the children except for Henry.
Ralph had only one child. His name is Edwin.
John had two children - one girl named LOIS! and a boy (my mother was a bit unsure of the name).

Surely Lois you, Jeanette, found could be the abovementioned!

I am really grateful to you all!

28-04-06, 13:33
Hej Johan,
I was very sorry to read your mother had passed away. I'm sure she would have been as excited as you to learn more about her relatives in America.

Ancestry.com may have more on John if he served in WWII

Hopefully now you will soon make contact with your American relatives and they will be able to help you learn more too.

Best wishes


Karen Norwillo
28-04-06, 20:44
Based on John Brandt's age from the two census, I found just one entry on Ancestry WWII enlistment records that might be him.

John O. Brandt
white, citizen
New York
Kings county
2 May 1942 date of enlistment
Fort Jay Govenors Island
private US Army
2 yrs. high school
single, no dependants
73" tall
154 pounds
Hope this helps, Karen

15-05-06, 17:41

Thank you for your kind words, Jeanette!

And Thank you for the new information you found, Karen!

I am now trying to call the two likely children of John i.e. John O. Jr and Lois M. Brandt.

16-05-06, 00:06
Something else my dearest mother told me, was that Henry's son Robert lived in Slidell, Louisiana. From ancestry.com I can see that there lives two with the name Robert i.e. Robert C. Brandt and Robert W. Brandt. I can't say which one of the two is the right one. Could somebody, please, give me the telephone-numbers of these two?
I am still trying to contact Lois, but it seems that "unidentified calls" are not received. I should write to her instead, I suppose.

16-05-06, 12:00
Denise was so kind as to look for the telephone numbers requested by me. Thank you, Denise!

17-05-06, 00:48
I have this evening spoken with LOIS!!!
I could cry...
Now I can say for this searching: Mission completed.
Thank you all for helping!

18-02-09, 21:21
Hi all.

I just received information from a Suku forum member regarding my quest for the Ilmarinen line on my mother's father's side.

Here are a couple of replies that I received:

Vs: ILMARINEN ( HILL) from JURVA maybe Teuva
Father of Elias: HERMAN birth 21.9.1825 Brandt > Ilmarinen. Father Fredrik Brandt (Brandstroem) born 1750, cantor in Teuva from 1784, died 22.4.1818 (67.11.3) Teuva. Mother Margareta died 1837 (86) Teuva. The parents of Fredrik and Margareta are not known.
HERMAN Fredriksson Brandt 21.9.1825, wife Ulrica Jacobsdr 23.7.1822 Myllaeri Teuva (parents Jacob Ersson and Anna Jacobsdr Myllaeri).
Children: Jacob 22.1.1848, Anna Lisa 21.6.1850, Ulrika 26.5.1854, Josephina 6.10.1855, Maria 17.2.1859, Lena 25.4.1861, Elias 15.2.1864, Amalia 2.6.1866.

Vs: ILMARINEN ( HILL) from JURVA maybe Teuva
Fredrik Brandt direkted singing of hymns in Teuva church (without instrument). Organ was got in Teuva 1901. He also made smallbox vaccination and was a kind of communicator between vicar and parish.
Ilmarinen was in Järvenpää village in Teuva, but this village was moved to Jurva about 1860.
Ilmarinen is an old Finnish name and its origin is not known. Mylläri is too in Järvenpää village.
Friedrich Brandström and Margareta Henrichsdotter were married 17.4.1775 in Teuva. Margareta might have been from Uppa-farm.
These kowledge can be found from Teuva and Jurva church books and they are not yet in internet.

Maybe there is a connection somewhere in there for the other Brandt family here?:rolleyes: