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10-08-15, 18:58
My great grandfather, Gustaf Maurits Gustafsson Markkula, took the name 'Markkula' (from the Markkula Croft) when he married my great grandmother. Her parents worked the Markkula Croft before he did when he married their daughter.

How many 'separate' families work a croft? I'm wondering if there were other families that worked the Markkula Croft that could take that as a last name but aren't my relatives?

They are in the Sakyla communion book on the Markkula Croft page which lists him, my great grandmother, MY grandmother and all her siblings.

I'm wondering because, while on the Migration Institute website, I came across a Kalli Markkula from the Sakyla parish. That name isn't listed but the name Karl IS listed and both names have the same birth year. Are the odds in my favor that Kalli is Karl, my great uncle?

I'd greatly appreciate if you can help me understand how this works.

Thank you,

Karen Norwillo
10-08-15, 21:49
Kalle is the same as Karl/Carl/Charles. Many families that lived on a croft owned by someone else took the name of that croft if they were born on it. I have people in my ancestry that took different surnames because they happened to be born on different farms as the parents moved. Yet they were all siblings. By the same token, not all Markkulas may not be related. I have corresponded in the past with someone who has the same surname as mine (maiden name) Come to find his ancestors bought the farm of my great-grandfather and kept that name. Children born there used the Sulasalmi surname, yet we are not related in any way.

13-08-15, 18:05
Thank you so much. Your information helped me in many ways. I played around using the different versions of his name and found everything I wanted to know about Karl. This is so exciting. You helped me to be more open minded about how and where to look and I'm discovering something new every day. Thank you so much, again.

June Pelo
13-08-15, 22:37
To give you an idea of places where the Markkula name was found, I googled the name and these are some of what was found: