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13-03-04, 18:29
I received a request from Finlander, Andrea Cocco, requesting some help from one of her cousins regarding a celebration taking place concerning Eileen, Wisconsin and any Swede-Finns or Finns who might have lived there at any time. Below are the details:

Andrea wrote:
"Linda Heglund Jensen would like to find other Swede-Finns who may be descended from residents of Eileen, Wisconsin. She is putting together some kind of History as well as trying to find the descendants who might like to come to the celebration. So perhaps you could put the information about the celebration on SFHS and have people answer to her at HegJen%40aol.com.

Her father was born in the United States 5 April, 1907 son of Carl Henriksson Hästbacka Heglund and Maria Emeli Eriksdotter Luomala both from Nedervetil, I believe. Her mother was born in Nedervetil, Ruth Alice Hästbacka, daughter of Alexander Henriksson Hästbacka and Emma Charlotta Alexandersdotter Hästbacka, on 12 October 1919 - she came to the United States in 1950 to care for the children of her future husband and his wife who was very ill at the time and died shortly. It would be very nice if there would be someone on the SFHS list who would have
relatives who lived there and perhaps might be related to her and to me, also."

Linda wrote:
"We are having a Township celebration on June 11 and 12 for the Town of Eileen where our farm is located. It is 100 yrs. young in 2004. My father was Chairman for many years as well as on the county board and a number of other elected county jobs for Bayfield county. So I'm trying to find pictures for that and write some type of history."

13-03-04, 23:11
I could not find an Eileen WI on any map Is it the name of what Illinois calls a township and what Wisconsin calls town?
If this is so, what village or city is nearby?
Swenson has several churches for Bayfield Co, in villages of Benoit, Fish Creek, Mason, Port Wing, and Washburn.


14-03-04, 00:49
Don't know much about Eileen as I was just passing the request along but I did find these on Google:



Couldn't find a map either, though. :(

14-03-04, 00:53
I'd say the entities listed there didn't know that Wisconsin calls their townships towns.

I remember that usage from visits up to Tomahawk back in the 70s. School would let out and half dozen of us would run up to Clear Lake to the resort run by the aunt of one of our psychogists. Hmm, what fab food. She commented that she never had to ring the bell twice for our crowd :))


Andrea Cocco
15-03-04, 00:25
I thank Kevin for posting this message for me and for my
2nd cousin (twice removed) - at any rate, whatever help
you can give me to locate any Grandfathers, grandmothers
who might have lived in this area - which I am told is near
to Ashland, WI - and several months ago there were a number
of postings about Ashland - perhaps some would remember
Eileen which is farming country and the township which
served the countryside - or hearing about it. It will be their
100th Anniversary and it would be neat if some descendants
were to write a little history of what they may have been
told and send to Linda to display at their celebration - she
would truly appreciate it - Thank You,
Andrea Cocco

15-03-04, 01:32
I see that you got it all figured out and posted your first message! Congratulations! :)

Hope to see more of you on the Forum as you continue to contribute as you have in the past.

Again, welcome...

15-03-04, 07:44
Hi Andrea,

Would a list of Heads of Households born in Finland, living in Eileen at the time of the 1910 census be of any help?


June Pelo
15-03-04, 21:34

Congratulations on your first posting to the Finlander Forum! I'm glad to see that you have joined us..


Andrea Cocco
16-03-04, 06:06
I just had the following message from Linda Heglund Jensen,
Thanks for your help I'm going to write to those you said. My folks belonged to the Runeberg for many years. They were one of the last members of the Ashland Wisconsin group..I have some of the old papers from that. Our farm address was Ashland Wi It is located just 1/2 a mile west of the Ashland County /Bayfield County line. So the farm was in Bayfield county in the Township of Eileen. There were many SwedeFinns that settled there. My grandmother Marie Emeli Eriksdotter Luomala had a cousin I believe Amanda Louise Ollisbacka born Jan 21 1865 Nedervetil came to Ashland in 1902 lived on the next farm married Charles F Nelson born 10-16-1865 in Sweden. There's a John And Emma Sampson who lived by us Another cousin Walter H Nelson. Those are some of the names and info I'm looking for. Many were members of the Saron Lutheran Church in Ashland so I have some searching to do. I believe some belonged to Runeberg also. Must close now
Thanks fr your help..More later Love Linda PS Oh alot of my relatives came to Ludington Michigan (that's where my grandparents were married) and from there traveled to Ashland WI- Linda
I hope this gives some idea of people who lived in the area
and the fact that it is related to Ashland, WI so closely doesn't
hurt at all. Also, that her relatives lived in Ludington, MI is
a good sign that some of the people can be found.
Thanks everyone,

Andrea Cocco
16-03-04, 06:11
I think that a list of those people from the 1910 Census might
be quite helpful, after all, Linda's Father was born there in
1905 if I remember properly - her mother was quite a bit
younger - yes, that would be very helpful to Linda
Her e-mail address is HegJen%40aol.com and you might
put 1910 Census Ashland, Wisconsin in the Subject Line
then she wouldn't be apt to delete it - what do you think?
And thank you so much, everything everyone does is greatly
Andrea Cocco