View Full Version : Reunion in Finland

June Pelo
18-08-15, 22:10
The past few days have been quite hectic and exciting. A cousin, born in Miami, but living in South America, asked me to help plan a trip for her to Finland to visit her relatives. She flew from Colombia, via Madrid and Brussels to Helsinki... and Iberia Air lost her luggage... she was stuck there for a few days until her luggage was found... so she spent her time sightseeing all the places I suggested... she said she loved Finland, the people and the food. Yesterday she took a train to Karleby to visit her Swedish-speaking relatives there.. today her Finnish-speaking relatives took her to the cemetery to see her great great grandfather's grave and tomorrow they'll take her to the church and then to their home. Her Källström gggfather was a cantor at Karleby church many years ago.. This coming weekend she's going to a big Pelo family reunion in Nivala which will feature a concert in which some of the known Pelo musicians will take part. And just a few minutes ago I heard from a Pelo cousin from Montana who has decided at the last minute that he and his wife also want to fly to Finland to attend the reunion. So messages have been flying back and forth, making arrangements.. luckily cousin Lynda is there and can help Dale with his plans. Sounds like they're all going to have a terrific time.