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20-08-15, 03:26
I just found a new name in my ancestry journey. Justina is married to Johan Henrikss Markkula. I know for sure, one of her children's name is Mariana Lovisa Markkula (my great grandmother). Can you find anything on Johan and Justina - my great- great grandparents.:)

Thank you, sue

20-08-15, 14:38
HisKi shows Johan Henriksson Jusela and Justina Rosenberg married 5.11.1837, Säkylä: http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski/6cf5wc?en+0528+vihityt+881

Säkylä Communion Book, 1836-1839 (bottom of page): They are shown here with children Mariana Lovisa and Amalia

Children born to Johan Henriksson Markkula and Justina Rosenberg, from HisKi

20-08-15, 14:44
Justina, born 26.9.1814, Säkylä (HisKi): http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski/6cf5wc?en+0528+kastetut+2616

Säkylä Communion Book, 1833-1839 (second grouping of names): Justina shown here with parents and brother Johan

20-08-15, 14:51
Johannes, born 31.5.1808, Säkylä (HisKi): http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski/6cf5wc?en+0528+kastetut+2464

Säkylä Communion Book, 1811-1816 (first grouping of names): Johan Henrik shown with parents and siblings

20-08-15, 15:17
Mariana Lovisa, born 30.1.1838, Säkylä