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05-09-15, 22:40
I'm wondering if these are the same names/ different language.

Henry = Heikki

John = Juhana

Ranta = Ratto (the a and the o have two dots over them)

Jaska Sarell
05-09-15, 22:55
Yes, Henry is same as Finnish Heikki or Swedish Henrik.
John = Juha, Juho, Juhani, Juhana, Johannes, Jussi in Finnish = Johan, Johannes, John in Swedish
Räntä or Rättö don't resemble any Finnish names.

:) Jaska

05-09-15, 23:12
thank you for your quick reply. This is a big help. I've been struggling to find my grandfather. All I know is when and where he married my grandmother, when he died and what his parents names were from his death certificate. I found a christening in the parish book from the Abolished parishes of the ceded region that could possibly be them but the names were the ones I was asking about. (I literally went through every parish in Finland listed in Hiski to see if anything looked familiar.) I will now try a new search using these possible names. Thank you again.

Karen Norwillo
06-09-15, 16:36
There is a surname spelled like that found in the name of a member of a present day rock band, (Mike Rättö) I found it by Google. You will find many entries on Hiski by using it as a surname.

06-09-15, 19:14
Thank you, too, Karen. My grandfather has been such a mystery because he died shortly after my mom was born. I'm excited to any possible direction and this one will be fun to try. I keep forgetting Google is a great place to try. thank you again!!