View Full Version : Ano and Toyvo

June Pelo
04-10-15, 18:11
I went to visit my fine Finnish friends out in Oulu, Wisconsin, Ano and Toyvo.. Well, they were working in the barn and it was getting late so Ano goes in the house to start supper and after a while he notices that Toyvo has not come back from the barn. So he gets his flashlight and goes to look for him. Ano shines the light around the barn looking for Toyvo. He calls "Where are you.?" "Up here", calls Toyvo. "Where?" "Up in the hay loft".. "Come down". "I Can't, the latter is broke" ..."Jump" says Ano. "No, It's too far".... So Ano thinks for a bit and then shines the flashlight up at Toyvo.."Slide DOWN THE BEAM"... Toyvo says "HECK NO...HALF WAY DOWN YOU SHUT IT OFF..!"