View Full Version : Emigrantkurs i Kronoby

19-11-15, 18:03

Vi är på kurs och söker emigranter i Amerika, Kanada, Nya Zeeland och Australien.

Finlander Forum är ett bra ställe att fråga efter släktingar då man inte hittar dem i andra databaser.

Maja & 8 elever.

June Pelo
19-11-15, 21:17
Yes, there are some good searchers on Finlander Forum who are ready to help.. and it would be helpful if you could post queries in English because many of the searchers can't read Swedish. :)

20-11-15, 10:24
Hi June

The course is in Swedish and yesterday we trained to submit a message and search in Finlander forum, SFHS and Talko. Students are not yet registered but I hope they will soon submit a request about the emigrants which they are looking for. Most of the students are probably your relatives.


June Pelo
20-11-15, 14:20

Good luck to the students, and I look forward to reading their queries.