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June Pelo
05-12-15, 20:35
10C/50F Tenants in Helsinki turn off the central heating, the Finns start planting flowers.

7C/44F Also planting vines.

5C/41F The Finns are sunbathing, while the sun still gets over the horizon.

2C/36F Italian cars won't start.

0C/32F Pure water freezes.

-1C/30F Your breath becomes visible, time to start planning the vacation to the Mediterranean. The Finns are eating icecream and drinking cold beer.

-4C/24F The cat tries crawling under your bedsheets.

-10C/14F Time to start planning a vacation to Africa. The Finns go for a swim in the lake.

-12C/10F Too cold for snowing.

-15C/5F American cars won't start.

-18C/0F Homeowners in Helsinki switch on the central heating.

-20C/-4F Your breath starts to sizzle in the air.

-22C/-8F French cars won't start. Too cold for proper iceskating.

-23C/-10F Politicians start pitying the homeless.

-24C/-11F German cars won't start.

-26C/-15F Your breath can now be cut directly into building blocks for an igloo.

-29C/-20F The cat tries crawling under your pyjamas.

-30C/-22F No proper car will start. The Finn swears, kicks the tire and drives off in his Lada.

-31C/-24F Too cold for kissing as the lips will freeze together. The Finnish national scoccer team enters the spring training season.

-35C/-31F Time to start planning a vacation in the hot tub. The Finns are shoveling the snow off their roofs.

-39C/-38F Too cold for thinking. Mercury freezes. The Finns button up the collar of their shirts.

-40C/-40F The car tries crawling under your bedsheets. The Finns are thinking about putting on a pullover.

-44C/-47F Your finnish co-worker ponders on closing the window.

-50C/-58F The sea lions evacuate Greenland. The Finns switch from gloves to mittens.

-64C/-83F Time to start planning a vacation on Venus. The Finns are going sleding.

-70C/-94F The ice bears are evacuating the north pole. At the university of Rovaniemi, the traditional annual cross country tournament is being held.

-75C/-103F Santa Claus is evacuating the north pole, leaving frozen, dead elves in his trail. The Finns fold down the rim of their bonnets.

-80C/-112F The sea lions try crawling under your bedsheets. Your cat is acting a little tense.

-90C/-130F Santa Claus attempts to join the sea lions.

-111C/-168F French cars won't burn properly anymore.

-120C/-184F Alcohol freezes. As a result, the Finns are now acting a little tense, too.

-270C/-454F Hell freezes over.

-272,2C/-457,96F Helium can be solidified under pressure.

-273,15C/-459,7F Absolute zero. Absolute absence of molecular movement. The Finns reluctantly admit that, "Yes, it might be a bit chilly. Now, would you please be so kind and pass me another piece of vodka?"

Karen Norwillo
06-12-15, 16:05
Love it. Explains why my Mom wore sleeveless dresses in Winter.

June Pelo
06-12-15, 17:18

Also explains why I wore a sweater inside my relative's houses while they were dressed in shorts..