View Full Version : Toivo and Leena

June Pelo
06-12-15, 01:49
It's the second week of January and Toivo and Leena are at the airport in Phoenix waiting for their flight back home. They are dressed in heavy boots, parkas, scarves and mittens, all set to head home to the UP winter. An old couple standing nearby, dressed in shorts, are intrigued by their manner of dress.

The wife says to her husband, "I wonder where they are from?"

The husband tells his wife, "Well why don't you go over and ask them?"

So she does that, walks over to he Yooper couple and says, "Excuse me, but we couldn't help but notice the way you are dressed and we wondered where you are from?"

Toivo replies, " 'tween Ishpeming 'n' Negaunee inda Yoo Pee."

The wife walks back to her husband and he asks her, "So where are they from?"

She answers him, "Don't know, they didn't speak English."