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16-03-04, 01:22
I'm researching my Husbands Family. Pesola, Wirkkala/Virkkala, Torro, Moilanen

Michelle Pesola

June Pelo
16-03-04, 17:45

What families are you researching? I have lots of Pesola and Wirkkala names in my database.


16-03-04, 18:18

I don't have much on the Virkkala/Wirkkala line, but here is what I do have.

Sakori Virkkala 1835-1908
m. Josephine Perna
they had 6 children one of with Hilma Wirkkala1873-1938 m. Elias Pesola in Wisconsin. These are my husbands great grandparents. I do have a bit more on the Pesola side.

Antti Pesola, Harma, Finland m. Unknown
son Kustaa Pesola b. 1697
m. 1717 Maria b.1701

son Gabriel Pesola b 1730
m. Unknown
son Henrik b. 1771
m Margareta Orre

Son Elias b. 1813
M. Anna 1835

son Gabirel b. 1852
m. Josefiina b 1854

son Elias b. 1874
d. 1942 MN
m. Hilma Wirkkala in Wisconsin

I would love to find more information on these families.


June Pelo
17-03-04, 23:08

I couldn't find any data on a Sakari Wirkkala, 1835-1908. There were a lot of Sakari names b. in 1835, but none named Wirkkala/Virkkala. I did find something about your Pesola names:

I found Gabriel Eliasson Pesola, b. 9 Dec 1852, and Josefina at Pesola farm in Alahärmä with children:
- ELIAS, b. 21 Dec 1874
- Anna, b. 27 Jul 1877
- Maria, b. 16 Oct 1879
- Gabriel, b. 14 Mar 1882
- Johannes, b. 14 Jun 1884
- Karle, b. 2 Jun 1887
- Josefina, b. 3 Dec 1893
Gabriel's parents were Elias Henriksson Pesola, b. 10 Nov 1813 at Storpesola to widower Henrik Gabrielsson, married 19 Oct 1810 to widow Margareta Eliasdotter Lillstråka. Elias married 6 Nov 1835 to Anna Ericsdotter Pesola, b. 16 Aug 1814. Their children, born in Alahärmä:
- Henrik, b. 24 Aug 1836, d. 4 Sep 1836
- Gretha, b. 9 Oct 1837
- Anna Caisa, b. 18 Sep 1840
- Maria, b. 7 Apr 1843
- Lisa, b. 11 Dec 1847
- Wilhelm, b. 13 Apr 1850
- GABRIEL, b. 9 Dec 1852
- Susanna, b. 9 Mar 1856
- Elias, b. 1 May 1860

Alahärmä records didn't include the earlier years so I couldn't check any other dates. You could find out more by writing to Alahärmä parish office. If you have anything more about Sakari Wirkkala, I could try to check further.


18-03-04, 03:25
Hi, I know of one Wirkkala descendent, whose family settled in the Columbia River area, who now lives in Seattle.

18-03-04, 04:51
Thanks for the information on the Pesola's. I don't have any other information about Sakori but his dates.

Virkkala/Wirkkala is so hard to trace.

Thanks again,

18-03-04, 04:54
would you know how I could get their information? I would be interested to see if they fit into what I have.

the last name may also be spelled Virkala/Wirkala.

Thank you,