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William Dahlin
16-03-04, 01:27
Hi Members,

My name is William Dahlin and I started my genealogy research
in Nov 1998 knowing very little about my grandparents. Thanks
to June Pelo and Jaska Sarell I learned that my grandfather
and grandmother were born and raised in Larsmo, Eugmo,Finland.

In 1999 a trip was planned to go and visit the home land of my
grandparents and in June July of 2000 my wife Marti and I were
off to meet my cousins for the first time on grandmothers side
and before we left I had learned also of cousins on my grandfathers side and was able to meet cousins on both sides.

My fathers parents are from Jåmtland, Sweden and have had
success in finding information on grandfather, great grandfather
and most recently great grandfathers other brothers and sisters.

What a joy to find out where your roots come from . I still look
forward to visiting where my fathers parents are from and
through this forum and others have made this possible.

I look forward to being a member of The Finlander Forum.


June Pelo
16-03-04, 17:41
Hi Bill,

It was good to see your first posting on Finlander and I hope we'll be hearing more from you.


18-03-04, 03:24
Hi Bill,
A surprising number of old families in Jamptland migrated thence from Finland as early as the 1300's. That might be an interesting thing to research as well.

Jim Bailey
18-03-04, 23:51
Hi, William ----

Welcome to the group. I hope you get as much pleasure out of the friendly and helpful discussions as I do.

I'm retired now, and one would think I had lots of time to keep up with this discussion group. But, there's so much great information here, I have trouble plowing through it all ... and getting all my other tasks done at the same time.

BTW, I don't have any Dahlins in my database but my grandmother Anna Sofia Granholm (married Pettil-Nylund) came from Gertruds farm, Eugmo, Larsmo, with her daughter Hilda Sofia (my g-ma) in 1892. Who knows, we may be related.

My gedcom is available on TALKO. Do you have anything online that I could check?

All the best,


William Dahlin
19-03-04, 04:58

No I don't have anything on line. My Larsmo, Eugmo
ancestors are Forsbacka, Gäddnäs,Sundqvist,Finholm,Holm,
Björn,Åkerlund. My grandmothers 2nd marriage was to a John Nylund from Vasa, but I understand he took the Nylund name when he came to America.


Jim Bailey
19-03-04, 05:39
Hi, William ---

Because my data base now contains about 2,600 names and for the sake of clarity and continuity in the family tree, I have CAPITALIZED the full last name of all those in my direct line. In going through the index, I find about 8 Holms, a Finnholm, a Sundquist. and a few Björns but none of these are in upper case.

I also have about 25 Bjongs, some of whom are in CAPS. I have speculated as to whether Bjong is a corruption of Björn. In the Hiski lists, I have seen Bjong, Biorn, Bion, & Björn farms (and possiblya few other variations) all listed in one parish. Variant spellings????

My Nylund was Matts Jacobsson Pettil (became Nylund when???), b. May 1864, (husband of Anna Sofia, mentioned in earlier note) but I have no info on HIS parents or place of birth. Right now, he is a dead end for me.

His wife's passport calls her Anna Sofia Mattsdotter Pettil. Gustav Sundström sent me the wedding info which has Matts Jacobsson Pettil and Anna Sofia Granholm married in Pedersöre on Nov. 15, 1885 ... one day before my grandmother was born. :) :) :)

Maybe when I can trace Matts farther back, we'll find some connections.

All the best,