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16-03-04, 05:29
Wanted to be the first to wish all with Finnish roots "Happy St. Urho's Day"!!

Be sure to wear Purple & Green


16-03-04, 07:08
Hej Kev,
You are right! I found this image somewhere on the net so if the person that made it finds it here, let me know so that I can give you credit for the image or delete it with apologies.


16-03-04, 21:40
Ode to Sant Urho by Gene McCavin and Richard Mattson, Virginia, Minnesota

Ooksi Kooksi coolame vee
Santia Urho is ta poy for me!
He sase out ta hoppers as pig as pirds.
Neffer peefor haff I hurd tose words!

He reely tolt tose pugs of kreen
Braffest Finn I effer seen
Some celebrate for St. Pat unt hiss nakes
Putt Urho poika kot what it takes.

He kot tall and trong from feelia sour
Unt ate kala moyakka effery hour.
Tat's why tat kuy could sase toes peetles
What krew as thick as chack bine neetles.

So let's give a cheer in hower pest vay
On Sixteenth of March, St. Urho's Tay.:)

17-03-04, 01:18
I thought he brought rocks to Finland!


17-03-04, 02:29

See this site for full details -


It's a good one.:)