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William Dahlin
17-03-04, 01:19
I have been searching for my grandmother, sisters and
father and mother for years with no luck. I only know that
they could have lived in the Darlana area of Sweden, no
parish is known.

Andrew Olof Sundquist
b. Nov 1842

Carrie (wife)
b. abt 1847

Christine Sundquist
b. 22 Feb. 1872

Ericka Sundquist
b. 15 Jan 1875

Annie Sundquist
b. Aug 1889

I have information on them from Minnesota but have never
been able to find any information from Sweden.

The only information I found matching my grandmothers birth
date is a Christina Albertina Olsson b. 22 Feb 1872
Vilhelmina, Vasterbotten, Sweden, father Olof Mellstrom
mother Samuella Jonsdr. Same birth date but parents names
do not match up nor can I trace the other two sisters.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.


17-03-04, 03:19
Hi William,
I have found Anbytarforum to be pretty good for finding Swedes so here's the url in case you haven't found the place yet.

Good luck,
Chuck Maki


William Dahlin
17-03-04, 05:16

Thanks for in input. I have checked this site out before but
did not have any luck with it. Will check it out again.


17-03-04, 05:23

I tried to find the father at this census website but had no luck. I did an edit here and his last name was Mellström, not Mellstrom so I see several Olof's there and this is likely where you found him so you are a step ahead:)

Also for anbytarforum, go into landskap and the county/province you want. A friend did that and he got immediate results that he didn't get in the general discussion place.
Good luck

17-03-04, 05:57
I wanted to edit my posting just before this one but I couldn't edit to include an image so here's the image.
I checked each Olof and didn't find a daughter Christina so perhaps Olof had left the province before the census was taken.
I am presuming you have seen church records in Minnesota. If not, I'd be happy to check for you at Swenson here in town.


William Dahlin
17-03-04, 19:17

No I havn't checked church records as I remember you had
to subscribe and I don't recall the cost if this is the same
web site.

My records come from Minnesota census records and tie in
with the birth dates. Andrew came to USA in 1880 Christine
in 1888 and Annie in 1892.

I only know them as having the name of Sundquist and
have not been able to tie in the Mellström name. 1900
census shows Christine as Christina.


18-03-04, 01:19
If you know the town[s] to which they immgrated to, post them here and I will be happy to check churches for you at Swenson.
No cost to you, I just enjoy the search:)

William Dahlin
18-03-04, 05:02

1900 Census 12 June 1900 Cambridge Township

Olof Sundquist Came to USA in 1880
b. Nov 1842
d. 6-15-1919

Annie Sundquist dau Came to USA 1892
b. Aug 1889

1910 Census Cambridge Township 4 May

Andrew Sundquist Son Came to USA 1888
b. 1880

Ole Sundquist Father\Age 67 = b. 1843

Mrs Ole Sundquist (Carrie)
b. 1847
d. Jan 7 1900 Springvale, Mn


Ingemar Ekman
18-03-04, 20:59
Hi William,
I found 131 Annie born 1889 on the whole Swedish Census record 1890 on the CD, but no match with the mother's name or the siblings name. On the CD of emigrants I found 2 Annie emigrated 1892 at an age of 3 years, but no match with the mother's name.

18-03-04, 23:51
Hi William,
I went to an online website for Isanti county and they had a list of township names but they neglected to put up a map showing townships so I just took a guess.
I did not find any Sundquist names at lst Lutheran [swenson # E23 & E24]. I checked 3 membership books and went page by page in the first which had no index. There are 2 Baptist churches in Cambridge, MN but I am assuming the Lutheran church would fit. If you think they might have been Baptists, let me know and I can search them tomorrow.
I did find someone with your last name and I will write it here just in case:)
mb#1, page 26, Lizzie Dahlin, b. 28-1-1870, confirmed 16-5-1886 and excommunicated 1888 but no reason is given. It could have been for something like not paying dues or attending church on sunday.


William Dahlin
19-03-04, 01:46

My grandfather Andrew H. Dahlin and his second wife
Christine Sundquist/Dahlin/Hanson is buried at the
Cambridge Union cemetery. Andrew was not a member
of the Baptist church even though his funeral service was
held at the First Baptist Church.

As far as Andrew Sundquist and Annie Sundquist I can only
guess that they were Lutheran but since no records are
found it also is possible that when they came to America
they were not active in any church.

Is it possible back in those days that they could have buried
them on the farm land that they owned being no records can
be found. I have the same problem with my great grandfather
Hakan Andersson/Borg and his wife Ingrid Olfosdotter.

Thanks for all that you have done but it's like they vanished
after death from any records.


20-03-04, 02:59
After you said he'd been buried in the baptist church, it made me want to check the 2 baptist churches in Cambridge.
I found at North Isanti Baptist Church these people
90 176 Sundquist, N J received 8-21-1883, out 1893?
91 177 Sundquist, Mrs Olivia received 1-29-1883?5?
These two did not appear in the next membership book.
Then I went to emigranten. I did not find Andrew nor Annie and I searched just using Sundqvist name - so perhaps they departed by Denmark or Norway.
I did find this one who may belong to you:
Kristina A. Sundqvist
Age 31
Malmö parish, Malmöhus län
Departure from Malmö port 1888 5-16 with destination Chicago.
JA - she traveled with others


William Dahlin
20-03-04, 04:29

Thanks for all the searching you have done. I wish I could tell you that we have a connection but the info you sent does not
tie into my Sundquists. My grandmother Christine came to
USA in 1888 at the age of 16.


30-01-05, 03:35
Hi William,

Could this man be one of yours?
DAHLIN Waltes Sigred born 06/22/1900 Isanti County, MN
mother Sundquist #1900-09387
DAHLIN Walter Sidfrid died 07/14/1958 Isanti County, MN
mother Sundquist #1958-MN-007217

Olaf Sundquist d. 06/15/1919 died Cass County,MN


PS Are you looking for any Dahlin in CA?

Kaj Granlund
06-02-05, 09:05
Andrew ("Anders" in Swedish) Sundquist - note that the name can be spellt with "qu" , "kv" or "qv" and is still the same name. It is possible that they spellt the name in a different way in Scandinavia.