View Full Version : Fionland to Cape Town

14-02-16, 14:47
Hello! My great great grandfather Peter Christian Mattsson Pensar emigrated to Cape Town but I have found nothing on him. He was born march 31 1872 in Osterby Pensala/Oravais Finland, by Matts Mattsson Pensar and Maria Nygren. He married Brita Kajsa Aspnäs in 10.10. 1891.
The church book says he had been a soldier and came home may 11 1899. He was at some point a miner in Cape town, heard he started a small mining company there, probably with other Finns or Scandinavians.
How do I find information about his whereabouts, I guess he went by boat first to England and then to Africa. And in what war did he serve? He died jan 7 1913 and is buried in Oravais.