View Full Version : Jacobson Family in Karleby area of Finland

22-02-16, 20:26
My great great grandfather was Leander Jacobsson Storhanga, born 14 May 1834 in Karleby or Kaarlela, Vaasa, Finland. My great great grandmother was Edla Sofia Jacobsson, born 28 October 1841 in Kaarlela or Gamlakarleby, Vaasa, Finland. I have been quite successful in tracing Leander, but have not been able to find the family of Edla Sophia. Does anyone know her parents, possibly Jacob and Anna Sofia or any of the rest of the family before them.

22-02-16, 21:36
Edla Sofia and the father at the bottom of the page, the mother Anna Sophia Kronlund middle of the page:

22-02-16, 23:21
Thank you. This information is very helpful.