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28-02-16, 14:05
Hi, I'm doing a family search of finnish Karelian family Pullinen. My grandfathers uncle, Antti Pullinen moved to Massachusetts in 1902. Does anyone know anything about that? He was born 1879 in Antrea, Syvälahti in Karelia.

Karen Norwillo
28-02-16, 15:50
I do not find the 1879 Antti Pullinen to Mass, but there is an Antti Pullinen in Fitchburg, Mass. He's the one born 17 May 1877 in Kirvu. He and his family, Maria and Toivo John are found in Fitchburg. They emigrated in 1910 (Antti) and 1912 Maria and John T as he is found in US records. No sign of the Antti Eliasson Pullinen born 7 Sep 1877 in Antrea.

Karen Norwillo
28-02-16, 19:51
I found a matching Antti Pullinen on the "1914-1922 War Victims in Finland." Correct DOB, patronymic, place of birth. Says he died 30.4.1918. Says Ei Tietoa. You can find the info by searching their website and entering his name and vitals.

Karen Norwillo
28-02-16, 20:07
That war death record says he was married with 4 children. I found a matching marriage for Antti Pullinen and Anna Katri Eliantytär Ikävalko in Antrea 18.10.1903, village match, and the birth of one child 5.12.1906, Aina Katri. Data stops 1906 on Hiski.
So unless the other Antti from Kirvu is the one you seek, this Antti lived and died in Finland.

29-02-16, 11:32
Thank you for your help in my search. It seems that Antti didn't (for some reason?) go to America. I found a mark in Karjalatietokantasäätiö (katiha.mamk.fi) that he would have been going to America in 1902. So, no american cousins then! :(