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I will mainly publish help documentation for our users in this blog. I won't promise that there will be entries every day...

  1. How common is a surname or a given name in Finland?

    Have you ever asked that question?

    The Population Information System of Finland has an on-line service anyone can use to see how popular the name is and has been during the time the the Population Register Center has been collecting data.

    You can access the Name Service here
  2. The National Archives - Communion Books on-line

    Many of you are aware of the FFHA, the Finland's Family History Association and their scanned image collection on-line (viewable here). In addition to that collection which was started on an association basis there is also an ongoing project under the umbrella of the National Archives of Finland. ...
  3. Runeberg's Day - February 5th

    Now is the season for the Runeberg cakes, "Runebergstårtor". This tart which has got its name after Johan Ludvig Runeberg, the National Poet of Finland, was the tart his wife supposedly made and served on his birthday in the beginning of February. This often arrack punch tasting tart is something ...
  4. The updated Finlander Forum – Where is everything?

    As you all have seen, every software update results in changes. I haven't updated the Finlander Forum in a very long time but now it had to be done. As you all can see the old menues and links have completely changed. The commands are all there but in different places.

    The "Log in" ...
  5. HisKi - The History Book Database of the GSF

    THiskihe HisKi project includes lists of christenings, marriages, burials and moves and is a good starting point if you want to find ancestors in Finland.

    The database contains most but not all parishes in Finland. Many of these until 1850. Since church records have ...
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