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  1. Donald Widjeskog Remembers Christmas from Long Ago

    June submitted yet another new article to the SFHS article collection.

    "As presents, I received a mouth organ, stockings and mittens. I wanted skis but didn't get them. After we had opened our presents we all sat at the table for our meal. Then dessert was served - rice pudding with
  2. The Johanson Family's Story - Bainbridge

    This article first appeared in the Bainbridge Island Historical Museum (BIHM) and was submitted by Bob Ostrand
    My grandfather, John Johanson, was bom in Kronoby, Vaasa, Finland on February 12, 1872. He immigrated to the United States and eventually came to Seattle, Washington where he found
  3. New Talko collection: Robert Jokela

    Reisjärvi, Sievi, Ylivieska, Alavieska, Kalajoki, Kannus, Nivala...

    The collection seems to have lots of names in the area north of Kokkola/Karleby.

    Thanks Robert for your contribution. Your personal password is in the email!
    Tags: talko
  4. Swedish Finns in MI

    Click image for larger version

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ID:	3696Mika Roinila is gathering material for a book about Swedish Finns in Michigan. He will hold a talk at SFHS in Seattle at the Swedish Cultural Center April 16, Sat, from 10 to 12 AM. We'll have coffee and cinnamon rolls. RSVP to the office at 206-06-0738 of sfhs[at] ...

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  5. Junk Mail

    The Sunday issue of the Seattle Times weighs about 2 kg (4 lbs). One my way back from the curbside I routinely stop by the recycle bin and discard 1.5 Lbs of marketing brochures. Every day when I harvest the mailbox about 1/4 Lbs of unsolicited brochures end up in the same bin. What a waste of natural ...
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