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  1. Names - in Finland

    Are you wondering about surnames and given names you're finding when digging for your roots in Finland?

    The SFHS Article collections contain several articles
    Tags: database, names
  2. My Soderholm Family

    Click image for larger version

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ID:	3574When I joined the Finlander Forum in 2008 I could count on one hand my Finnish ancestors and did not know anything about them apart from my granfather's name and his parents names.

    But with the help of dedicated researchers I have been able to trace my Söderholm ...

    Updated 27-01-11 at 23:03 by Tracy (edit Emilia Engblom should be Ida Emilia)

    SFHS , Finlander , Personal
  3. The FFHA – Digital Archives

    The Finland's Family History Association is an association founded in 2004, founded to provide an online source of archived materials such as communion books, census records etc. for everyone interested in genealogy.

    The project can be found at this web address.
  4. How common is a surname or a given name in Finland?

    Have you ever asked that question?

    The Population Information System of Finland has an on-line service anyone can use to see how popular the name is and has been during the time the the Population Register Center has been collecting data.

    You can access the Name Service here
  5. The updated Finlander Forum – Where is everything?

    As you all have seen, every software update results in changes. I haven't updated the Finlander Forum in a very long time but now it had to be done. As you all can see the old menues and links have completely changed. The commands are all there but in different places.

    The "Log in" ...
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