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  1. The database "Politiets registerblade" - Finns registered in Denmark

    This list in the SFHSwiki article is a a subset from the register of inhabitants of Copenhagen which was kept by the police from 1890 to 1923. These persons were registered with birth place = Finland.
    The article contains the names of >1000 individuals and the links for each one to the scanned ...
  2. Småbönders - A Living Village

    Donald Widjeskog. Published in Norden August 7, 2010
    English translation by June Pelo

    Småbönders is the most easterly village in the northern part of Swedish-speaking Österbotten. From Karleby it is an hour's drive east to Småbönders. It is deeply embedded in the woods in Finnish-speaking
  3. They Gave Their Home Village a New Look

    June submitted another new article to the SFHS article collection. Read the article that is contained in the book “Emigrantvägar” by Hilding Vidjeskog and Ole Granholm.

    When Emil Granqvist came home to Högnabba from America, he stood outside his own house. He had money and the knowledge
  4. My Soderholm Family

    Click image for larger version

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ID:	3574When I joined the Finlander Forum in 2008 I could count on one hand my Finnish ancestors and did not know anything about them apart from my granfather's name and his parents names.

    But with the help of dedicated researchers I have been able to trace my Söderholm ...

    Updated 27-01-11 at 23:03 by Tracy (edit Emilia Engblom should be Ida Emilia)

    SFHS , Finlander , Personal
  5. The FFHA – Digital Archives

    The Finland's Family History Association is an association founded in 2004, founded to provide an online source of archived materials such as communion books, census records etc. for everyone interested in genealogy.

    The project can be found at this web address.
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