• Rogers, Mark - New Talko collection - "Övermark to Gladstone, MI"

    Surnames within the material

    Storthors, Söderman, Anneberg are the names related to my wife.

    Arledge, Banks, Benz, Berg, Blomquist, Blomster, Brown, Buckman, Burgess, Case, Dennis, Eckerley, Elliott, Erickson, Flannery, Gilette, Granfors, Greer, Gregg, Hill, Hollingsworth, Jackson, Johannson, Johansdotter, Johansson, Johnson, Jönsson, Kroksmossa, Landeck, Lassus, Ledbetter, Lillthors, Loraine, Mattsdotter, Mattsson, McCraw, Meeks, Meglathery, Murray, Nilsson, Nilsson, Noblett, Norback, Patty, Persson, Pinkerton, Rice, Rogers, Sakers, Shehan, Soderman, Storthors, Thompson, Thorsvall, Watson, Weir, Widlund, Young, Zachris, Örn

    What are the main localities of people in this genealogy

    Övermark, Närpes, Solv, Munsala are the locations in Finland.

    England, Finland, FL, Georgia, Indiana, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Sweden, Tennessee, USA, Wisconsin

    Thanks Mark!
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