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    sfhs web logoSFHS, The Swedish-Finn Historical Society, has several material collections on the Internet. You can navigate between these pages using the SFHS top menu at the top of every page.

    In addition to normal presentation of the Society and its activities, SFHS hosts the Finlander discussion forum with which the members and others interested in the connections with Finland. The discussion forum is free-of-charge. Currently there are some 2.400 members on Finlander Forum from around the world but mostly from USA, Canada, Finland and Sweden.

    The SFHS Wiki is the data repository of the SFHS. The solution is built around the same popular platform as the Wikipedia, thus navigating and searching is as easy as on the popular Wikipedia. The repository currently contains lots of documents (≈4.000) and has around 5.000 visits per day.

    The SFHS Wiki contains articles about emigration, Finland, life in Finland, lifestyle, maps, contact information etc. Since many of the members of the Society are interested in finding their roots and distant relatives in Finland and in the "new" country you can find lots of genealogy and family history resources within the SFHS Wiki.

    The SFHS Talko Genealogy Project is a collaboration project that focus on genealogy. One can become member after submitting one's own genealogy as a gedcom document to the project and thus self adding value to the project. If and when granted access one can browse through the many collections that fellow researches have contributed with. At the moment the database contains records of some 1.9 million individuals, all with connections to Finland.

    The new DEE, Documenting Every Emigrant Project strives to collect information snippets of immigrants from Finland and keeping them available to the public for genealogy research. The project consists of several searchable collections of records about persons of Swedish-Finn and Finn descent. You are all invited to add to these collections. As you know – some half a million individuals emigrated from Finland between 1850 and 1945. After 1945 another half a million have emigrated from Finland. There is a lot of information even if we start by focusing only on the individuals who emigrated before the second world war.
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