• Recipes - Food for the Gods: The Boletus

    Stensvamp (Finland), karljohansvamp (Sweden), ceppes (France), porcinis (Italy), herkkutatti (Suomi) are popular names for Boletus Edulis. 2010 was an extraordinary summer in Finland in many respects; sun lovers got their share, nature lovers theirs, and strangely enough after such a hot and dry summer, the mushroom lovers got theirs too. The boletii grew in such abundance that you could find them in your own garden, like we did. Our joy at this sight could not be described in words.
    What few people know is that you can find Boletus Edulis in the northwest corner of North America. But you need to know where to look. Whereas the boletus
    grows on the lowlands in Finland, in Washington State you need to go mushroom
    hunting in the mountains. Nowhere have I found as plentiful of boletii as one autumn at Lake Stewart at 2600’ (about 800 m) above sea level. And of course you need to know what to look for. The Mycological Society is there to help. The Seattle Chapter of SFHS is contemplating a mushroom outing next fall. Check the calendar of events!
    Boletus Edulis ( Latin translation for ‘mushroom edible and excellent’)
    When you clean the boletus, remove the soiled part of the stem. If the mushroom is small that’s all you need to do. If the mushroom is big, remove the yellow beard.
    Due to the abundance of “stensvamp” the common recipes in Finland lack refinement. The standard fare is stewed mushroom. Here is a typical recipe:

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