• How I Found the Nyberg Family

    By June Pelo

    One of my major genealogy discoveries came as a result of a visit to cousins in Michigan. Because of my interest in genealogy, one cousin gave me a couple old photo albums that belonged to my mother’s parents.
    Most of the photos weren’t identified and I didn’t recognize anyone, but I decided to make copies and send them around to all my relatives, hoping that they would know someone.At the same time that I received the albums, another cousin showed me an old letter that was sent to her mother in 1910 from Polson, MT. Parts of the letter were missing, but it started out “Dear Cousin”, and went on to mention the deaths of Esther and Harry, and the letter was signed “Bertha”. None of us remembered our parents talking about a Cousin Bertha who lived in Montana. And I could not find anything in my genealogy files pertaining to this family.

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