• Emigrants to Australia

    By Hilding Widjeskog translation by June Pelo
    It was in 1924. Times in Finland were hard and it appeared they weren’t going to get any better for the next 30 years. Overpopulation was still prevalent in spite of large emigration before WW1. Terjärv, which is famous for its beautiful scenery but also for its small-scale farming with unsuitable farming land, was again to experience its precious sons going to find their fortune and future in a strange land.

    It wasn’t just a question of being fond of adventures but a way of procuring a better future which made 16 young men from Terjärv emigrate to Australia. Without any reliable contacts they took off for the unknown with optimistic expectations that they would be lucky. Some of them left their families behind. They considered it to be too risky to bring their children along without knowing the real circumstances. Later on the family was reunited.

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