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    by Published on 07-01-11 22:53

    It is simply a tool for genealogists interested mainly in connections to Finland. All material in the Talko database is in some way connected to Finland, either pure family history of families in Finland or emigrant connections to families in Finland.

    What material?
    It consists of collections of many Gedcom -files, inserted into a searchable database. Submissions are separated into collections, mostly one, sometimes several collections per submitter.

    I have already sent my material but haven't got passwords yet!
    The project is maintained on so called "spare time" and thus there may be delays. If it has been a long time since you submitted the gedcom, please contact webmaster again - it may be that some emails haven't reached their destination.

    Main localities within the material
    • Portin & Granlund - Pedersöre
    • Moilanen - Suomussalmi
    • Rompasaari - Rovaniemi

    Surnames within the material

    Storthors, Söderman, Anneberg are the names related to my wife.

    Arledge, ...

    Finally Lori's collection was added to the Talko genealogy database. Some 10-15% seem to be directly connected to Finland. ...

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