• Finlander Forum updated

    As you have seen the forum was closed today and you probably all got different kind of error messages etc.

    What has happened?
    The forum needed an update because we get really many spammer attacks every day and the new version much better takes care of them. Thus I have spent a good part of this Friday updating all the bits and pieces, backing up database and website etc. Hopefully this will work as planned.

    New version means new looks
    The home page now contains a little more information than before. Instead of going directly to the list of the different subforums you're now presented with a three column home page.
    On the left you have a menu with links to the different information packages available - to begin with there are not so much, but bear with me...
    On the right you have two boxes with lists of the newest posts and the newest threads on the Finlander forum.
    In the middle column you have a news column - more about that when I get the forum up running at full speed.
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