• Naturalization

    "Naturalization records can help you find the date, ship, and port of arrival, and the place of birth for your ancestor. How much information is found on them will depend on when the naturalization was done. The naturalization process did not have to happen in one court, or in one state. Not all aliens became citizens, and not all completed the process once they started it"source

    Naturalization is the legal procedure by which an alien becomes a citizen of a state or country. Every nation has different sets of rules that determine citizenship. Under the Basic Naturalization Act of 1906, naturalization forms became standardized and were sent to the U.S. Bureau of Immigration (later the Immigration and Naturalization Service [INS]) for examination. The formalized process required that a prospective citizen file a declaration of intention in which he or she renounced allegiance to foreign sovereignties. Following a waiting period of five years, an immigrant could then petition a federal court for formal citizenship. Naturalization records typically include these types of information:source
    • Applicant's name
    • Birth date and place
    • Port and date of departure
    • Port and date of arrival
    • Last foreign address
    • Court location and date of petition or oath of allegiance
    • Physical description
    The collection of naturalization and citizenship records on Ancestry includes indexes, and some indexes are linked to images of the actual records.