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Runeberg's Day - February 5th

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Now is the season for the Runeberg cakes, "Runebergstårtor". This tart which has got its name after Johan Ludvig Runeberg, the National Poet of Finland, was the tart his wife supposedly made and served on his birthday in the beginning of February. This often arrack punch tasting tart is something we in Finland serve with coffee on February, 5th.
There are several articles on the SFHS web page describing Runeberg and who he was, what he did and what he wrote. In the following is listed some articles that you may like to read.
A recipe - found as a picture on the Internet witout reference to origin:


  1. June Pelo's Avatar
    I have a recipe for Runeberg Cakes, using English measurements. If it isn't included in the Recipe forum, let me know and I'll submit it. They're very good.