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Abigail Evangelical Lutheran Church


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This church was organized 1886. In the minutes of the first congregational meeting held on 20 June 1886, the following names were listed as members:

Leander Nordström, Nellie Nordström, Nels Pehrson, Mathilda Pehrson, Lars Svanson, Maria Svanson, John W. Applin, Edla S. Applin, Ingar Applin, Matts Hagström, Maria Hagström, John Erikson, Lovisa Erikson, Gustaf Brunell, Edla Brunell, Anders Jakobson, Alfred Quick, Sophia Quick, Anthony Johnson, Maria Johnson, Anders Härström, Helena Härström.

An attempt has been made to decipher the hand-written record of baptisms by the church during the period 1895-1915. The records included the child's name, birth date, baptism date, place of birth, names of parents and sponsors. Most baptisms appear to have been performed by Rev. J. J. Hoikka, who later was transferred to a church in West Gardner, Massachusetts 1899. It appears that he baptized children born in cities other than those around East Tawas.

The data entries were written by several people using a variety of handwriting styles, much of which is almost impossible to read. An attempt was made to determine surnames and dates, but please be advised that in many instances the data could be just a guess. Because of space limitations, the place of birth has been abbreviated.


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