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Ahl surname by Kim McLaughlin


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Searching ancestors/descendants of the following family from Finland.
Johan Mattsson Ahl Born 3-23-1871 at Svefvar’s farm, Malax. Was called “Ryss-Joss”.
(Russian-Joss). Lived in the little village Svarvar in Pörtom .
Brita Sophia Udd Born 9-2-1871 in Övermalax. Resident to Pörtom 1890
Moved as a widow in 1921 to Malax.
Viktor Hemming Ahl Born 1-22-1891 in Malax Died 12-11-1891 in Malax
Johan Edvard Ahl Born 12-25-1892 in Malax
Vilhelm Ahl Born 6-2-1894 in Malax Died 10-15-1919 in Pörtom

Anna Sophia Ahl Born 12-18-1897 in Malax Died 9-6-84 Eureka, CA
Nestor Edvin Ahl Born 2-26-1899 in Pörtom
Mattias Ahl Born 11-1900 in Pörtom
Victor Hemming Ahl Born 4-16-1902 in Pörtom
Ester Elvina Ahl Born 8-31-1903 in Pörtom
Verner Ahl Born 2-24-1905 in Pörtom
Lydia Ahl Born 3-23-1906 in Pörtom
Valfrid Ahl Born 10-12-1907 in Pörtom. Died 9-11-1967 in Vasa Finland
Edit Alvina Ahl Born 8-11-1909 in Pörtom

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